I own a 1.5 inch button press, and I thought I would have some fun with faces. Super angry faces are super fun to draw so I made these. Next time super happy faces.
Ten buttons total sold 5 buttons at a time for $5 apiece.



Inktober 2015






36 pages of beautifully hand drawn pen and ink illustrations.
Each illustration is accompanied by a full size undoctored sample of how it looked in the sketch book along with a few words on where each illustration came from and how it was made.

8×10 inches black and white with a card stock cover. Only 30 printed.




Purgatory Pub Book 1
“Where your glass is always half something.”
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00050]

Purgatory Pub Vol. 1 is the first of a five book graphic novel series about the Afterlife. A Guiding Angel from Uptown and a Tempter Demon from Downtown are friends that meet in their favorite pub in Midtown.

Ever wanted to go to a Heavy Metal Concert in Hell? Ever want to see what Lucifer was like before he became Satan? Ever wonder what would make two such opposites be friends? Book 1 will satisfy each of these needs.

It’s essentially a story about friendship, brotherly love, and betrayal. Also, booze and cigars play a big role.

8.24 x 8.24 inches. 144 pages. Black and White.